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The Myotherapy Modalities philosophy is based on the idea that our bodies must be strong and properly aligned for general well being.  The proper alignment will provide the support our internal organs require to maximize function and to prevent injury.


At Myotherapy Modalities the role of the therapeutic relationship is based on the idea that we must value and learn about physical and mental wellbeing. Our practice allows us to use our knowledge, practical skills, intuition and positive intention to promote healing and general good health, ultimately impacting our clients in a simple but profound way.


We have been very successful at promoting healing and minimizing chronic pain. We use a balanced approach to bodywork incorporating specific tools from a variety of massage and bodywork techniques including but not limited to Swedish techniques, connective tissue work, cupping and stretching to achieve the goals set for a particular treatment session.


At Myotherapy Modalities we do not believe in a separation of massage styles. Within a particular session we incorporate the necessary tools and treatment styles to reach the particular treatment goals.   We believe our approach is unique to each client.


Our current clients range from dancers, athletes in various sports and martial artists who have repetitive motion issues to expectant mothers, post-surgical patients and the more sedentary chronic pain sufferers who may have postural issues, muscular weakness and muscular strain.


We have developed unique and client specific protocols and techniques to identify muscular imbalances in order to realign the body and eliminate chronic pain. The Myotherapy Modalities techniques are adaptable to our clients changing needs and fitness goals.   The goal is to realign the body to eliminate body mechanic issues that can lead to injury and to support optimal physical performance.















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